Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Welcome to The New Disease

Ain't the old disease, that's for sure. No more futzin' around, folks. The End Times are a-comin' - and we need to get some serious love inside us to survive. Jesus is an obsessive music fetishist, I'm led to make-up, so I'm doing my part to save your souls here.

The focus: Mainly but not limited to live music from the 1980s, because I'm sick of music histories that start with the Sex Pistols, jump to Nirvana and say "That's all, folks!" Really, was you all sleeping through the 80s? Don't you remember?

What you'll get: High quality rips (320, kiddies) of live performances from my ridiculously vast archive of bootleg material. Nothing posted here will be commercially available or have been commercially available.* Jesus don't like sneak thieves, no He don't!

All right, that's my screed. Now let's get some music up.



* If I post something I find later to be commercially available, it will be yanked in a savage fashion, shattering the cosmos and leaving small children crying over the bloody remains. This is my promise to you!

(Also, if you are or were one of the artists here presented and don't want your fans to enjoy your old musical performances - but you're not a dick, are you? - just contact me. Nice and friendly, now, no sudden moves.)

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