Friday, December 4, 2009

Is There a Doctor in the House?

With all the brouhaha about "health care reform," I thought maybe we could all use some real doctoring...

Plus, I just bought a bunch of vintage late 60s issues of Strange Tales (including this beauty below) at a junk shop for a buck each and have been lovin' the livin' daylights out of them!

Did anyone besides me watch this back in 1978? I remember loving and hating it because it was so cool that there was the possibility of a Dr. Strange TV series (this was supposed to be the pilot, really) but the tight 'fro on the guy playing the Dr. looked too sitcom-bit-player and not awesome scary magic guy-ish. That hair really pissed me off.


Monique R. said...

I found your blog via this post:

The link is down and I saw that you uploaded the original- even though this is lame to do-- I was wondering if you could send it to me?

thanks if you do and if you don't thanks anyway!

Anonymous said...

I believe it is time to speak up. To say it is wrong to require pre-employment drug testing, and that if it is part of an employment application process then, not only do I not want to work for that firm, I also want them to know I won't patronize it any longer either. No one needs corporate America to baby-sit them by snooping around in their bodies.
This is not right, and even in this economy where it is hard very hard to find work, that is no reason to change what you or I believe is right.


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Anonymous said...

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