Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Those Krazy Kossaks!

Way to go, Daily Kos! I've been waiting to see which way they'd go, and today Daily Kos and three other prominent liberal blogsites have gone for Obama. I only wonder what took them so long.

Today, with her comment about seeing what the next three months will bring, Senator Clinton has evidently decided that ripping the Democratic party apart and allowing Senator McCrazy (sorry, but I can't think of him any other way - he scares the bejeezus out of me!) months of free crazy running around is better than consolidating current strengths of the party behind one clear frontrunner.

Clinton cannot win the nomination without destroying the Democratic party. It's become that simple. And today she made it very clear that this is her intention. She has only one goal - getting the nomination regardless of the cost to her party and the nation. Unless something drastic happens to her campaign or the party leaders say "Enough!" then we can look forward to another Republican presidency and - at least! - four more years of war. Probably more, because McCrazy has big, nasty war plans that just don't stop.


Anonymous said...

wow, not only great concerts you also rant about the evils of Bush and his cronies. I agree Clinton is creepy. She lies. Where are you Howard Dean? Oh, Barack will be fine.

gomonkeygo said...

Clinton made it perfectly clear in her specially requested Washington Post interview today (when does a candidate beg to be interviewed by a particular paper - when they are sending a particular message to a particular group of readers, ie, Washington Democratic leaders and superdelegates). She intends to ride this out and, if necessary, rip the party apart so that she gets her slim to none chance at the nomination. Way to go, Hillary!

Mars said...

And if she does and loses to McBush, she can try again in 2012! Yay!

"I didn't let my husband humilate me in front of the world because I love him. Oh hell no! I'm IN to WIN and thye rest of you can kiss my ASS!I WILL RULE!!"

Why do think Impeachment is off the table? If the Bush Crime Family gets thrown out of office, who ascends to President?
Nancy Pelosi.
The corporate wing of the Dems called bullshit on that. Thanks for fucking the country over so you can get your ass in the history books, Hilary!