Monday, June 2, 2008

It's Almost Over...Right?

Do we have a winner?

Let's hope so. I'm wiped out. I know I've been taking this primary way too seriously, but months ago I decided my heart had to be in this. I had to commit myself. And I have. These, for me, way too public postings of political opinion are part of the process.

And I think that something is changing inside of me permanently. I have had realizations of late concerning life and work that directly relate to the level of desire I have poured into Obama's possible Presidency.

I don't know if I'm saying this right, but I'm changing. That's all. I've made decisions just recently, positive ones, that a year ago I could not have made. And it feels damn good. And it's all a result of the effort and thought and emotional commitment I've put into this election process.

If for nothing else, I'll always be grateful to Barack Obama for this. I need to pay it back, though. So I'll keep blogging, keep arguing, and I'm thinking that this summer and fall I'll get out there and start working the streets for him and for the new America I think I can help him build, that we can help him build.

Unless I scurry rat-like, this is the last post for a few weeks. Taking a break. I'll update you when I get back. I might have pretty pictures and I'll definitely have pretty music for you.

Vote Obama!


merle said...

I've just stumbled over this site and read different articles.. i think i will come back more often.
It is good to know that there is really a strong movement that goes a different direction than Bush's.
I'm from Germany and read a liberal newspaper and the last years were often .. with not many nice news. I can't even tell wich shocked me most.. I find that pretty sad because there are so many artist from the USA that i regard a lot and i wondered how a land with so many clever artists could get such a .. president. I hope I will read more pleasent news in a future with a new president :)
(By the way, what do the Popular "German Phrases for Travellers" mean? xD)
sorry about any language mistakes i made.

gomonkeygo said...

I hope I haven't offended you with my silly phrases. Meant to be stupid/maybe funny/dada-like/silly. Probably aren't.

Thanks for stopping by and commenting, though. I really appreciate it.

How and why Bush won once I still don't know. The second time was all fear, though. He scared enough people that to vote for any other person than him would mean death for them and their families, basically. It's half of a joke, but it's said that it was the vote of frightened middle-class white mothers (we call them "Soccer Moms") put him back in a second time.

But I think that's done. McCain will not be winning Bush a third term. It's not going to happen. This country is ready for change. And the battery is low on my wife's laptop, so I gotta go.


merle said...

"Soccer Moms".. weird name.
But that makes me wonder if there so much more white women then black people in the USA.

I was not offended at all but in fact found the phrases amusing.
I was just wondering if there was meant to be any sense in them.

I hope your trip was good, enjoy your days

Anonymous said...

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