Thursday, June 19, 2008

Serious Reasons Not to Vote for John McCain #3

He's a liar.

Right now McCain is towing the Bush-Cheney party line about dropping the ban on off-shore oil drilling. The question must needs be asketh, "Why, John, why?"

If he can, perhaps McCain will tell us how dropping the ban now will benefit American consumers today. Bush is insinuating that's the reason it must be done. But this line of reasoning is, uh, let's call it "lying." That's a good word for it.

Why is it a lie? Because even if we drop the ban today and begin exploration and drilling tomorrow (from the magical oil rigs which will sprout from seagull droppings at Bush's command, ready to drill in minutes!), how long will it take for the rather minor oil reserves being tapped to benefit the American consumer? A week? A month? Before the end of summer?

Nope. How about 2038? Okay, maybe they can shove up production. Make it 2020. If you want to wait around three decades or a dozen years (whichever, it doesn't matter in the end) for all that cheap gas to roll in from those off-shore oil platforms - which, by the way, we do not have the tanker and shipping capacity to service; just another multi-year setback in this grand plan - then go ahead. Listen to the lies. Vote for the liars.

But check some facts, first. Maybe John has to play ball with the President on this one? Maybe he's got some very anxious friends who'd really like him to be President?

Vote Obama!

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