Thursday, November 20, 2008

(Working Myself Up to?) A Fever Pitch

My Smart Wife, out of town on bidness, tried to talk me down (a phrase that I guess now should be in quotes with a little superscripted TM after it, thanks to Rachel!) about the SECRET VOTE by THOSE BASTARDS in the Senate the other day, during which they lovingly caressed Joe Lieberman's backside with tongues, fondue paddles, Shamwows and disintegrating digits (you can't get too close to Lieberman - the waves of foulness and hatred emanating from the hole where his heart used to be have a corrupting influence on human flesh and souls - just ask John McCain). But, as you can see, smart as she is, she didn't succeed. I'm just too stubborn and stoopid sometimes.

Finally, Big Joe got his happy ending and the American people once again have to wipe themselves off and crap their pants in disbelief.

Oh, Harry Reid - you're a worthless toadlike excuse for a human being, a pig of a man, a cancer on Congress, a leaking stopper on the bunghole that is the Senate and many more things that I don't dare write else I'll face an obscenity trial in Boston if I'm not already scheduled for one. I don't care what kind of political games you and your cretinous buddies are playing, what kind of deals have been struck, what kind of relaxed attitude I'm supposed to be having about this because you guys obviously know better than me what's going on and I should just lay back and trust you to rape me gently all night long because eventually I'll enjoy it.

Not gonna happen.


Krid said...

Change we can believe in, eh?

I'm delighted to associate myself with every one of your comments on Sen. Reid... for different reasons, of course, but we can still celebrate a moment of "bipartisanship" here, and that just gives me warm fuzzies all around!

You're no doubt aware, but I can't help pointing out that this is the first of what will be many, many moments of political acid reflux that the left will be forced to tough out over the next couple years thanks to the desperate Rahm Emmanuel/Howard Dean authored "50 State" strategy of recruiting conservatives to run as Democrats to build a majority at any price.

These candidates won in '06/8 because they were more conservative than their Republican opponents.

Pelosi/Reid have had it pretty easy whipping the newbs to toe the line so far, but as these freshman and sophomore Dems get their sea legs and the Democrat party is forced to tackle real policy questions and not just the latest spittle-lipped Bush-bashing foolishness, the lefty leadership is gonna have to turn in one helluva whack-a-mole performance to even get any of its Daily Kos/Code Pink agenda out of committee, much less passed and signed by a President who was elected to cut people's taxes.

The new gov't isn't even seated yet, and the first mole, Lieberman, is still protruding gloriously, with his haughty, Sarah Palin-endorsing smirk, from the laminated cabinet! Oy vey.

Anonymous said...

All is forgiven, Joe. Yes, you can bash your candidate all you want and campaign right with the other guy and then come right back. Screw you, Joe.
If it was the movies, they would have congratulated him and then hit in the head with a baseball bat.


gomonkeygo said...

I'm pissed off most at the arrogance and the contempt that the Old Powers in the Senate have shown to us with this royal buttlicking they gave to Leiberman.

Have you seen the video of Reid saying he's "Very happy with what they did and doesn't care what anyone says" (I'm quoting - paraphrasing from memory; may have it wrong but the sentiment and meaning were in his words). He was absolutely contemptuous of everything but his own privileges and self-worth.

The biggest problem Obama will face is the entrenched Old Power school in DC. Repub or Dem, they'll fight him. But I think they're gonna be surprised by what a hard-ass he's gonna be. You do not run the kind of campaign he's just finished running to turn tail when a bunch of old white men wave their privates in your general direction and tell you to "Go away, silly man, go away! We don't want you here!"

It should be very interesting to watch.

krid said...

Also interesting to watch will be:

Card check
Does the left really support the principle of secret ballot elections, or will the Dems give the quasi-mafiosos that run Big Labor the ability to legally expand their power and fatten their wallets by resorting to fascistic pressure tactics?

Fairness Doctrine/"Localization"
Everyone knows that these measures to "reform" the rules governing radio are thinly veiled attempts to censor political speech by killing off talk radio. If regulations hadn't been eased in the '80s, AM would be end-to-end static today and there would be nothing there for Chuck Shumer to compare to pornography.

Both McCain and Obama campaigned on shutting it down, but no one seems to have any clue what to do with the detainees there. Do we really want to bring them into the U.S. if their native countries won't even take them back? If our courts can convict them, they get to be missionaries in U.S. prisons. That's the best case scenario. Otherwise, they get... released... as in released in the U.S. itself. Chicago already has an unrepentant terrorist with a tenured professorship and a townhouse in its most prestigious neighborhood (Bill Ayers)... but what about Boston, L.A., Philadelphia, N.Y.C., St. Louis, Phoenix???

gomonkeygo said...

Are we happy yet?

I love the bugaboo that the right has about the left shutting down their voice on shitty old AM radio. I used to be an AM radio DJ. I wouldn't mind seeing it shut down. Shit sound quality, crap programming is about all AM amounts to unless you're lucky enough to maybe have a polka station in your neighborhood. Rush and friends have been slinging this hash for years! I seriously doubt that there is enough interest on either side in Congress for this to get much more than a debate or two, which will be good for Rush's ratings if nothing else because he gets to play his favorite card - I'm a victim! Help me! I'm scared of liberals!

Gitmo. Obama says he's gonna shut it down. Courts agree that something has to be done. Even Bush wants it shut down but he just don't know how to do it so he can't. Wow. Nothing like making a mess too big for you to clean up yourself.

The military has prison facilities in the US where these people can be safely held, put on trial or released back to wherever we kidnapped them from illegally in the first place. That's what has to be done. We have to do it using the legal code we have, I think; on this I disagree with Obama. He's talking about an amended code of some kind, a hybrid. I think that's bullshit.

Are you seriously afraid of these people, these prisoners, and so lacking in confidence in our ability to keep them safely imprisoned while on American continental soil? Please. There's nothing they can do. We've reduced some of them to insanity, by God. We have to find a reasonable and Constitutional way to deal with this issue and end their illegal, un-Constitutional imprisonment.

Anyway, we could always build a new prison all special-like just for them! I thought Republicans like to build prisons, man.

And you're scared of unions? We need stronger unions that can kick the pale, rich asses of corporate CEOs from here to China, man. We need a New Labor Enlightenment! War on the corporate overlords! Yeah - I'm gonna call Bill in Chicago right now (I've got his number - every liberal does - we all know him, we all hang with him - in fact we actually stayed at his place last weekend while in Chicago, hung out, burned some flags, yelled Socialist slogans at the passing schoolchildren just to scare them. You should have been there, it was great!).

krid said...

It's really hard to take someone seriously who, in adjacent paragraphs, makes a point about the Constitution, and then jokes about burning American flags and yelling socialist slogans at kids... not too far removed from the hippie guy on the football field at the end of DIRTY HARRY: "I have riiiigggghts!"

gomonkeygo said...

I blame the British. From a far too early age, because my parents couldn't understand their accents and assumed that nothing bad for kids would be shown on public television anyway, I was raised on a steady diet of Monty Python, Fawlty Towers, Ripping Yarns and other non-sense Dadaist farcical screw-the-establishment comedy fare that taught me at least one thing - when in doubt, laugh. And the weirder it gets, the more ya gotta laugh. This election cycle brought that back hard for me.

And for me at least, contradictions are what this country is all about. After all, weren't we founded on the notion that "all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights" - and this from a bunch of slave-owning mostly agnostics and near-athiests?! Incredible country, incredible. I love it. You do too. We just have a different vision of our beloved in our eyes.