Monday, March 23, 2009

Crazy Lady Speaks

Official Crazy Lady (OCL) Michele Bachmann (some kind of elected person from Minnesota, evidently), is urging her constituents to arm themselves and revolt against the federal government.

Yup. Can't make this frackin' crap up. What's she mad about, anyway? Well, the Crazy Lady is incensed at the President because he wants to try and do something to help the environment. That bastard! So she's callin' for armed insurrection.

Yippee! With Battlestar Galactica done and gone now, I was thinkin' there'd be no more entertainment left in the world.

How wrong I can be.

What's really funny to me about OCL is how Republicans have turned toward the "culture of victimization" so quickly now that they are out of power, after years of mocking and deriding the Democrats for supposedly doing so.

[Admittedly, OCL might be speaking metaphorically but I'm not willing to give her the benefit of the doubt. Because she's crazy.]

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