Friday, March 6, 2009

Rush to Judgement

One of the finest pieces of political satire I've ever seen. And I'm so, so, so mad that I didn't think of "mind corpse" myself.


Anonymous said...

Hi again GoMonkeyGo, Dave Sez again. Having thanked you for the Television, I've been having a look around for a little present for SteveE, the true gent who came up with the missing half of the Television Hartsdale gig. He particularly wanted the Only Ones, requesting live, solo or demos - maybe he hasn't yet got the Complete Peel sessions and Live May 9 1980 Electric Ballroom London ?

Live in London 1980:
In case that blog entry is taken down, the direct download link is: and the password is biffsound.

The Only Ones : "Darkness & Light" (BBC RECORDINGS) 320 kbps + complete covers, issued by Hux Records (who music fans should check out; they are releasing complete sets of Peel sessions by more obscure bands from the 1970s-80s):
In case that blog entry is taken down, the direct download links are:

link 1:

link 2:

link 3:

Thank you, SteveE, and apologies, GoMonkeyGo, for squatting your blog to say thanks to him. Cheers, Dave Sez.

gomonkeygo said...

No apologies necessary, Dave. I'm sure folks'll appreciate the kindness. I was just singing "Another Girl, Another Planet" in the car last week!

In fact, I just found this: