Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Republican Darwin Beat Down!

Tom Tancredo tries to explain why Intelligent Design (my fingers wanted to leave my body just for typing those awful words!) is pretty much equal to the Theory of Evolution. Though they ain't. And how Darwin would have to admit that we've never found a single one of the thousands of transitional fossils he predicted we would need to prove evolution. Though we have. And humans never evolved from anything else. We was always people. Not monkeys. Though we did.

What the frack was Chris Matthews thinking having this moron on to discuss "science"?


Mike said...

You need to get a life dude...a lot of hate in you...typical liberal behavior: name call, get loud, twist the other side and them accuse them of doing it to you. Neither your belief or the republican's beliefs are accurate. Everyone wants to put us all on a team...divide us if you may. You are every bit as guilty as the so-called "evil, retarded, ugly, stupid, etc. Republicans."

You and everyone else who keeps trying to defend their side are what what is truly wrong with this country. The over-whelming majority of American's believe the same basic principles...but our personal environments trick us into believing one side espouses our views while the other side must be the hated enemy.

Our country will one day (if not right now) pay for the arrogance of people like you, the democrats and the republicans. We all tend to believe in the same basic problems. We need to except that people have different beliefs how to fix these problems. These people (politicians) should freely espouse their views and allow the people to chose which idea is best and vote. But you see, that removes the root of evil in American politics...POWER!!! And that my friend is how you become the tool of the left to help gain them more power with your rhetoric.

Who really is lost, stupid, controlled, and any other name you want to add... you aren't on a better cloud than the republicans...just a different one...both are ignorant and chalk full of users!!!

Nice try but you aren't fooling some of us.

gomonkeygo said...

I think you're being really naive, Mike, if you believe that it's our "personal environments" that "trick us" about political issues.

It's politicians and conspiring media and corporations and religions and other power-structures that "trick us" and prevent us from solving the problems we face.

They have built a power-machine whose purpose is to blind us and both Republican and Democratic politicians use it to their personal advantage regardless of the cost to the country.

And when fuckin' morons like Tom Tancredo come out and speak insanity without being called on, I am not doing my part to fight the power structure and to express myself as an American if I don't at least write my silly words on my silly blog.

To remain silent and let fools like Tancredo continue to trick and use the American people would be the stupid and ignorant thing to do.

Thanks for the comment; I can see we see things from radically different perspectives, but I appreciate the time you took.