Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My Imaginary Dinner Party

At my Imaginary Dinner Party, Eugene Robinson would always sit to my right at one end of our table, where I can see him and hear him and engage with him and learn from him. My Smart Wife would always sit opposite me so that I could smile at her during our fabulous dinner party. Our Awesome Offspring would sit to my left at the other end of the table, because I like having him on my left side. He fits well there. Our other guests would be scattered around the enormous table wherever they'd care to sit and enjoy themselves.

There would be much food and wine and talk and laughter and music and fun.

Who wants to come over?

PS RIP Jay Bennett. Sorry to see ya go, man. Thanks for the tunes.

1 comment:

Memphis said...

Ive been crouching in your crab apple tree for several days.What are we having? Who else will be at this dinner?C'mon I want names.Just dont seat me between Walt Disney and Graham Nash again....sheesh!!!!