Monday, June 1, 2009

My Drool Cup Runneth Over

Less than a day and the hateful bigots have already found a way to defend the killing of a fellow Christian by a fellow Christian within a Christian church.

See, it wasn't really a Christian church - it was a "church." And Dr. Tiller wasn't really a Christian. He was a "Christian."

So, it's all good.

Glad that problem's solved.

(Actually, looks like we got ourselves a homegrown Holy War on our hands, folks! Get ready for the New and Improved Thirty Years' War! Can you say "Defenestration of Wichita"?)

PS Here's a diary snapshot from Daily Kos of the man Bill O'Reilly liked to call (dozens of times over the last few years) "Tiller the Baby Killer." Isn't hate is sooooo much more fun to foment if you can make it rhyme! Of course, this is just some "doctor" giving their opinion. Not a respected "religious leader". Probably best if you don't read it. Don't expose yourself to a different opinion or new idea. Could be dangerous.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the words of sanity. I'm so sick of these "moral" bigots spewing their crap every frickin' day... I wish they would all move to some vacant land and set up their own little moral minority country (witch will self destruct within a few months) and we'll no longer have to listen to their HATE and continual attacks on anything that resembles progressive democracy.