Sunday, June 7, 2009

Give It Up, Senators!

It's time for health care for all...or none for you, Senators! (And lowly, sniveling Representatives, too!)

President Obama campaigned on a promise to provide an optional health care insurance program equal to what our esteemed (throwing up in mouth - lookout!) Congress-folk have, for those who cannot get or cannot afford private insurance.

And now - surprise! - bastards like Mitch McConnel and friends are trying to kill this idea. (How much money for your campaign coffers did the drug and insurance companies offer you, Senator? How much more does that mean to you than the welfare of the American people, Senator?)

They don't want us to have the same kind of health care (FREE HEALTH CARE!) that they get. We are worthless, we are scum, we don't deserve it. They do.

It's that simple. Call/email/balloon-o-gram your Senators and Reps today! Let 'em know how you feel! Let 'em know that they ain't got nothin' on us but $1000 shoes to kick us with. And we'll bite them off their ankles if we have too.

Let's hope that the next time Mitch has to bend-and-cough, it's Dr. Benway wearing the rubber glove.



krid said...

Let 'em know that they ain't got nothin' on us but $1000 shoes to kick us with. And we'll bite them off their ankles if we have too.

Finally, something I agree with on this blog... it's been a long time a-comin', friend. But doncha know: the insurance companies are on Obama's side now (or should I say, Obama's in bed with the insurance companies). Same way Dodd & Frank were in bed with the mortgage industry.

If you like bargain basement HMO's, you're gonna love Obamacare.

gomonkeygo said...

Hey, krid! Thanks for the comment - but I don't get how the insurance companies are in bed with Obama. First, I didn't know he went that way (you know - corporate!), but seems to me like the insurance monsters are desperate to kill any health care reform bill Obama pushes unless it guarantees them maximum profit - which Obama's current plan as I understand it definitely won't.

Explain, please?

krid said...

Oh, has the plan changed, or has it been old-skool Hillarycare all along? Too bad Dems aren't going to get anything passed, because the spectacle of pampered liberals harping about having to wait on an eight month list for an MRI, or being denied the Xanax they can't function without, would be delicious.

gomonkeygo said...

Well, that wasn't much of an answer, krid. Guess reality sucks, eh?

Ed said...

Actually, I believe Krid is correct. The people Obama has appointed to help devise a "new" health care plan are mostly from insurance and pharmaceutical companies. I don't have a lot of hope for real change. I'd like to see every American get the same health care plan that U.S. Senators and Representatives get, or, if not, those same Senators and Representatives should be required to give up their government (read: socialist) health care plans and take whatever the rest of us are stuck with. It won't happen, but we can always dream...

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