Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Dear John...

Dear John McCain:

I'm so very glad that you are not our President.

With your retro-vision of American power at all costs, I'm sure we'd be hauling our once mighty fleet of B-52s out of the desert sands of their tomb and preparing to bomb Iran back to the Stone Age.

Or would you be doing that to the giant shantytown camps of homeless and jobless that would be filling the nation as a result of the assuredly trainwreck economic policies your corporate overlord-advisors would have forced upon us?

Or maybe the gays? To keep them from destroying marriage?

Atheists? 'Cuz God got scared?

Well, you'd be bombing someone, somewhere, I'm sure. Whoever pissed you off the most when you had to answer the phone at 3am.

Thanks for being such a loser, John. Just wanted to let you know that someone out here appreciates you for it.

Take care (and shut the hell up all the time, please!)



PS It's because of revisionist baloney like this that I took mouse in hand to write you today, dear John:
DAVID GREGORY: Let's get right to it on Iran. How does the U.S. deal with an emboldened Iranian President Ahmadinejad?

SENATOR JOHN McCAIN: Well, we lead; we condemn the sham, corrupt election. We do what we have done throughout the Cold War and afterwards, we speak up for the people of Tehran and Iran and all the cities all over that country who have been deprived of one of their fundamental rights. We speak out forcefully, and we make sure that the world knows that America leads - and including increased funding for part of the Farda, Iranian free radio.

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RevolutionaryBum said...

Well I feel a genuine kinship with allot of the people of Iran. They now feel the way I and millions of others felt after the 2000 presidential election and the 2004 presidential hijack I mean election... Seeing how things went for us, I don't hold a whole lot of hope that the results will change there =( But I'm sure they will raise more of a cry for democracy than we did here in the land of the free ?