Wednesday, June 24, 2009

One of Our Governors Is Missing!

Or he was missing.

'Case you hadn't heard, the retarded Governor of South Carolina, Mark Sanford (R - with former Presidential aspirations), went unexpectedly bye-bye for a while. For most of a week in fact. Without telling his wife, his aides, his Lt. Governor or anyone in the state of South Carolina where he was going.

So, when his wife naturally started to worry and went public about this, after he'd been gone for days already, his aides put together the story that he was just out for a hike...on the Appalachian Trial. But he wasn't. They lied. They didn't know where he was and they couldn't or wouldn't admit it. (That's the Republican version of "accountability" at work, kids).

Real story? Gosh, but it seems that Governor "I Don't Want No Stinkin' Obama Money 'Cuz I Wanna Run for President Agin' Him!" Sanford was actually off with his mistress in Argentina. Crying, he says. Yeah, crying.


As a follow-up to yesterday's post, this couldn't be more apropos. I wrote the snarky little piece below because I was pissed not at Sen. Ensign's affair with a married woman but because I was pissed about the gushing Return of the Prodigal Philandering Son Welcome given him by his GOP buddies in the Senate.

Remember, It's OK If You're a Republican - So Long As You Apologize Afterwards (and Preferably Mention God and/or Jesus While Doing So). That's IOKIYAR-SLAYAAAPMGAOJWDS. I doubt that acronym is gonna catch on.

Screw the acronyms - let's just call them Republicans! No bigger insult available these days.

Governor Sandford should resign from office. Not for his affair, but for his total and complete abrogation of his elected duties as Governor of the State of South Carolina. If Illinois had such an incompetent Governor, we'd be clamoring for his head!

Oh, wait...


krid said...

Appreciate the candid clarification, but you could've been a lot more pithy and just said: "Damn him for not needing Obama's strings-attached handout and wanting to save the feds a few bucks: I'm gonna milk this infidelity thing for all its worth."

Historically in situations like this, lefties try to thread the ole if-he-wasn't-up-there-in-the-pulpit-championing-family-values-it-would-be-no-big-deal needle, but now that you guys are the ones sanctimoniously and hypocritically preaching to their neighbors about energy, toilet paper and everything in between, you've backed off the old IHWUTITPCFVIWBNBD standby. Totally understandable, and congratulations for getting it, Mrs. Kravitz.

gomonkeygo said...

I'm tired of even bringing that old saw up. It doesn't matter to them. It only matters if others do the shameful things, so long as they cry and say they want Jesus to love them again.

And, "Mrs. Kravitz"! Sweet - second best TV show of all time. Sam was so gorgeous! Too bad Sanford would probably have burned at the stake in his state.

South Carolina, btw, still has adultery as a crime on its books. Up to a year imprisonment. Wanna bet it doesn't even get mentioned?

Ed said...

I apologize to god and jesus in advance for what I'm about to say: while politicians in general seem to have a strong tendency toward lying and hypocrisy, it never ceases to amaze me that those politicians with the strongest compulsion toward lying and hypocrisy seem to gravitate in greater numbers to the republican party. Why is that?

krid said...

Barack Obama just dodged the question of whether he would--if gov't healthcare denied a needed treatment to a family member--attempt to use his personal wealth to find it somewhere else... and you think Republicans are hypocrites? Amazing.

Memphis said...

Happened upon Pat Robertson today(thought they had hauled him to the loonie bin)saying something about "one extra marital affair shouldnt cost someone his job".Pat is still into the religion thing....? Sometimes...? Wish I wouldve caught the rest of it.He's just so....great.What a show!

gomonkeygo said...

Why would you expect someone who can afford good health care to limit themselves? That's un-American, krid! That's socialist!

Your argument only holds weight if you expect Obama's health care plan to totally replace private health care. That's not the intent. It's especially not the intent to cover the wealthy - but rather those without wealth. The rich can get all the health care they need right now. They don't need a government plan. And no government plan will change that.

Personally, I thought it was a rather sick attack question. Very unfair and unpleasant to put a man on the spot about the health of his children. Bush would never have been asked anything like this. Though I find it really interesting, after watching Obama's pretty gawd-damn masterful press conference the other day, how hard the media is willing to push him when they never asked Bush difficult questions in eight years. Of course, Bush rarely put himself in a position to be asked even easy questions, unless they were lobbed at him by White House picked and vetted gay prostitutes posing as journalists.

krid said...

Comfortable in the bliss of your economic ignorance, Gogo, you may believe the administration when it tells you it doesn't intend to put the private insurers out of business. That's precisely the intent. Have you ever heard of "predatory retailing"? You guys are always accusing Walmart of it--but since the feds will be spending other people's money and will feel no need to even break even, it'd be like Walmart coming in to your town and giving everything away free for a year just to snuff out the competition.

...and Obama's not a hypocrite in your book for refusing to subject himself (even rhetorically) to the consequences of all this?

Ed said...

Personally, I find Obama to be a hypocrite. he's a wealthy man who has already proven that he will serve the interests of the wealthy above the interests of the working and middle classes. I don't expect any real, meaningful change from the Obama administration. Rather, business as usual, with the best we can hope for is that it won't be quite as bad as the previous administration, and no guarantees on that front, either. Still, while I find that hypocrisy runs rampant in politics, including the democratic party, the republicans are king when it comes to hypocrisy. Gomonkeygo is correct when he states that Obama is being subjected to scrutiny that Bush never had to deal with.

While I am not aware of the wording of the question presented to Obama regarding his health care plan, I see nothing wrong with asking the president, or all members of congress, about their (socialist) health care plans. If socialized health care is good enough for the president or congress, why can't the rest of us have it? Are they willing to give it up if we can't have it? I don't think so. Obama's health care plan should replace private health insurance. It's a proven fact that agencies such as Medicare and Medicaid are much more efficient than private companies. The infrastructure is already in place. The private health insurance companies are scum that value profit above the health and well being of their customers. The US is the only "developed" nation in the world that doesn't have universal health care. Anyone who objects to single payer health care is either a stooge for the health insurance companies, or just plain ignorant. How do we pay for it? That's the most frequently asked question. The answer is simple. Increase taxes on the wealthy. If they don't like it, too bad.

gomonkeygo said...

I'm waiting to pass my quirky judgment as to whether or not he's a hypocrite. I don't think he's as ready to serve our monied masters as Ed. In fact, I think they are kinda scared of him.

I also do not believe they intend to completely put the private insurers out of business. Because I don't believe Obama is a socialist. I think he's a slightly more socially responsible capitalist at best. That's kind of been my hope all along, to have a President with some sense of social responsibility, after the last 8 years of one with none at all.

Hypocrite for not answering the question? Not when it's a loaded question fully intended to make him look bad regardless of how he answers it. If he says he'd let his daughter die or suffer then he's the meanest, cruelest, least caring father in the world. If he says otherwise, he's a monied douchebag. No politician - and Obama is a politician first and foremost; even I know this - would ever answer such a question. Obama is very much a pragmatist and a realist regardless of the "pie-in-the-sky" visions some attribute to him. He's not an idiot.

krid said...

Yeah, but doesn't the difficulty of the question expose the heart of the issue? Follow me here: like, you know, maybe it's unfair and bad to dictate the type and quality of healthcare everyone else has, while not subjecting yourself and your own family to those same requirements? Isn't that exactly the kind of hypocrisy your dogmas condemn so vehemently in religious people?

gomonkeygo said...

There's the tinge of hypocrisy, yes, but I still think the question was basely unjust and unanswerable. Believe it or not, I sometimes used to yell at media-types for asking dumbass questions to Bush that I thought were unfair, too.

I want the media to do a better job of asking questions and posing problems to those who govern us. If you saw Obama's afternoon press conference last week, you saw him give the press shit for asking stupid, do-nothing questions. And they hated it! Some of them were visibly seething that he called them publicly on the stupidity of their questions.

Of course, all the talking heads could talk about all afternoon then was Obama's put-down moves, ignoring the substance of his answers after he pulled their ears. Maybe next time they can get beyond that.

Back to insurance - no dictate is being given about the kind of health care that everyone has to have. This is an option to provide health care to those with none and without the means to buy into the existing system which is priced beyond most peoples ability to afford.

We'll still be a happy capitalist USA with government health care available as an option. Those who want private will pay for private. The majority of Americans according to polls don't even mind paying higher taxes if it means health care for all. That's pretty gawd-damn impressive I think. With luck, the government option will force the private insurance companies to retool and stop being such fucking tools.