Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Space Poop!

I'm still fuming and agitated and rumbling and mad as hell over the murder of Dr. Tiller and the sick defensiveness of the right-wing media and their Xian buddies. (I don't think I will give them the respect of using the proper proper noun to describe them any more; they don't deserve it).

But, a good science story, one involving poop no less, has to make me smile. And the Xian anti-abortion movement is almost as much anti-science as it is anti-women, so I feel doubly good sharing this one with you. Plus, I'm fantasizing about dumping truckloads of guano on the doorstop of Operation Rescue.

Here 'tis, kids: Scientists have found a new way to track Emperor Penguins. Via satellite. By their poop stains! Ta-da!!!

These flightless birds, you must understand, is pretty big. And they live in colonies. So they poop a lot. In one place. And leave great big visible from outerspace stains on the Antarctic ice! Big enough and visible enough that scientists can now find both new and old nesting colonies by looking for the tell-tale brown smear. Wow.

Science is cool.

PS To Memphis - Better watch out! This is the same way they'll track you! You can run but you can't hide... your runs.

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