Friday, January 29, 2010

His Razor Sharp Blessings Be Upon You All

I just passed my 450th post on this blog - and it was about Hogan's Heroes. Sweet. Didn't even plan that. Just happened.

Life is good.

And it's even better now because nutjob anti-abortion crazy killer Scott "He's just like Martin Luther King, Jr!" Roeder has been found guilty of murder by a jury of his peers.

In only thirty-seven minutes.

Roeder's lunatic-fringe fellow-haters are already threatening violence over the decision.

What was that, Negativland? What about Christianity?


Bill said...

I know it sounds crazy but why didn't they just shoot him right after the decision. Worthless piece of trash. Did you see him pass on the express train to hell?

Memphis said...

My favorite line from a Woody Allen movie...."If Jesus came back today,and saw what they were doing in his name,He would never stop throwing up.No shit !

gomonkeygo said...

Ha! Hadn't heard that one. Of course, I can't watch any Woody Allen movie newer than Sleeper pretty much.