Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Red Scare Reduxulous

Thanks, Texas. You've given me one more reason to be ashamed of my chosen profession. As if being ashamed that you were ever let into the Union isn't enough...too bad they really don't have the right to secede that they think they do.

You're probably aware that the Texas Board of Education is the most powerful group of educational nitwits in the nation. Since they buy so many textbooks, they practically dictate the content of them for the whole country.

But besides being uptight, overzealous, small-minded, warped and fracked conservative creeps of the highest order, they are also Grade A Morons.

Their latest kooky escapade? Banning the classic and beloved children's book Brown Bear, Brown Bear by Bill Martin. Why? Because Bill Martin also wrote a book about - gasp! - Marxism - double gasp!!

Except he didn't. Different Bill Martin. Gasp?

And they don't have the brass ones to change their minds and correct their mistakes. All they can do is point fingers and run in circles and eventually fall in a heap on the ground with those fingers stuck up some very naughty places, I'm sure, because that's where they were pulled from to begin with.

I really pity those poor kids in Texas if  this is what passes for educational leadership there. And it is.


Memphis said...

Red Bear,Red Bear more likely.Texas got it right....how many Paul Martins can there be?

Highlander said...

Jesus wept. I daresay "How To Start A War For Oil In 3 Easy Steps: Getting Your Countrymen Killed In Order That Some Giant Petrochemical Conglomerate Can Make Bigger Profits While Pretending It Was About Nonexistent Scary Weapons" is back on the list of approved books?

gomonkeygo said...

I'm waiting for the movie. James Cameron is directing. Cheney plays himself. It's in 3-D!

It ends with the execution of Sadam, the destruction of the Death Star, the bombing of Hiroshima and some kind of appropriate sports-type footage crap. All suggesting the primacy of American Imperialism uber alles.

The kids will love it.