Thursday, January 27, 2011

Long Time, No See

I ain't dead. Just sleeping until I'm needed by the Republic, in a mountain cave protected by magic unicorns and giant all-seeing sunflower guardians, like all good liberals in waiting.

Actually, I decided to stop blogging and started doing shit. I got involved in real, on-the-ground politics last October right around the time of my 499th post on this blog. Did a bunch of phone banking and door-to-door canvassing and handing out leaflets and stuff I never thought I'd do. Talking to people on porches was fun. Lots of really neat people out there. Even helped organize a progressive political rally. Gave a speech at it too. Fuckin' weird, eh?

But it was fun. It felt good to get off the couch and get the hell out of the house and actually do something. And I've kept doing things since. Not going to go into details, but I'm pretty busy and just seem to be getting busier all the time, working on local politics and issues of importance in my town, trying to help out with my community's hunger needs and just plain hoping to make the little world I live in with my family a better place.

So, kids, if you're bored, feeling aimless, don't know what to do, here's my idea. Get out of the basement, maybe take a shower but at least put on pants, go outside, blink a while - that hot bright thing in the blue thing is the sun, in the sky - walk around the block or down the street and see what's happening. I'm sure there's something that needs doing. I bet you can help do it.

But that doesn't mean I'm done here. This is post 500. I bet I'll get to 1000 someday. Besides, with all the crazy coming out of the woodworks right now in the Republican party, I'd be nuts to stop doing this!

See ya soon, kids! Take care.


Mona said...

Good to see you again!

Memphis said...

Long time.You have been missed.Memphis

gomonkeygo said...

How do ya like the new logo?

Anonymous said...

Im gonna bet that monkey is a bitin'son of a bitch.NO TOUCH MONKEY !!!!!! How bout a name the new monkey contest? Im for "Tater".

Anonymous said...

Hi gomonkeygo, droppin' in to check how you're doing and glad to hear of a new burst of life in getting active again - does the soul (and the world) good! A plea, if I may, not to forget that box of early Television tapes you'd got under the stairs .. you've given us so much rare stuff already, I blush to ask for more (if there is), but you may be the only one out there with copies ... as you can see from the megapost below, not much more has surfaced yet. In any case, glad to hear you're doing well and dig the new logo! Cheers, Dave Sez.

Anonymous said...

And you only have to say that there's nothing more out there when ....

Tom Verlaine - Night & Day Café Bar, Manchester, UK, 31 Jul 2006

Good audience recording direct from the master taper in FLAC.

Go get it and thank Tarquin here:

Cheers, Dave Sez.

Anonymous said...

Looney Tubes is indeed dead. Because you lefties killed it! You and your "don't offend" PC mentality. You hated the "violence" in them so you took them away, just so the kids wouldn't be "harmed". Now look at what we got... Teen suicide and gun-play is at an all-time high. Scholl shooters... heck, we never had a single case when I was growing up! And I grew up watching the coyote get his each and every week. You rob the kids of their innocence by vilifying things like this and then you say that the new ultra-violent video games and web sites are "free speech protected by the 1st amendment! Nuts! But most of you are nuts because you grew up like this, so how would you know?

gomonkeygo said...

Dear Anonymous - Thanks for the rage! I've been boinking my head with an oversized hammer since I read it! I'm a bad, bad boy!!!

I personally have no problems with the issues you raise that upset you so much. I'm a parent that takes responsibility and doesn't believe that other people should tell me what is and isn't appropriate to read, watch or listen to in my own house. Until my child is old enough to make the decisions, those are my decisions.

Sorry to disappoint you. Not your stereotype liberal here.