Thursday, December 4, 2008

Jazz Is Dead

In fact, all human endeavors have now been made moot, pointless, silly, beyond worthless.

Let us all just die gracefully and give up the planet to our new walrus overlords.


Ed said...

I saw this on Huffington Post today. Must be an idea whose time has come.

Anonymous said...

GoMonkeyGo ma'man,

My deepest and most sincere thanks for the longstanding work you've been doing in posting vintage Television ... remember these words? "Always thought this was the entire gig, but it's not, it's sadly not. If anyone out there can supply the second half (ripped at 320, please), I would happily post it here with all due credit.
And......wait for you ..."

Took me four months to search four hard discs to find where I had saved over the original link to that text - to get back to you and say thanks for giving me some of the gig, and I'd now found the full gig, so here ya go ... and then to find that it was your updated links reposted by Zombieraid on taringa, an excellent Spanish music forum ... but thanks were in order, and the only way to say thanks for a gift is to give back, so here you go, if you haven't got absolutely everything already, try the taringa blog link below and for anything missing, email me ... Ta muchly! Dave Sez (1978 London punk now balding, and also I really recognize these words "As a weirdo [wierdo] liberal lefty anarchist adult, it's a lot harder for me to read Heinlein now"). Gimme Verne, Wells, Morris, Moorcock, LeGuin ...,-bootlegs-+-yapa.html

NB: Most of the Megaupload links are "temporarily" down.

PS: Just to set (others') record straight, there never was a Television EP on Stiff as blogged elsewhere - it was a UK re-release of Richard Hell's 1976 Ork EP Another World-Blank Generation-You Gotta Lose, available on request). Cheers, mate.

Anonymous said...

Looks like my link got cut by the blogger frame .. just to make sure, here ya go again ...

No spaces

Cheers, Dave Sez.