Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Arizona is Mr. Burns!

Arizona has lowered the national IQ by half. We're now at 25, folks. And getting lower every minute. Soon, Amerka won't be able to walk and chew gum at the same time. Amerka won't be able to sit and chew gum. Even Velcro won't help us keep our shoes on.

Arizona has gone Mr Burns on Los Angeles! They're gonna take away their "electrons" for being all uppity in AZ's face about their racist/fascist (you say "idiot" and I say "idjit") new Braun Volk  Brown Folk Suppression Law of 1939 2010.

Somedays it really is worth waking up, when you can spend your day laughing at dipshits and nimrods like this. Thank you, Arizona! And good luck with them electrons!


rich said...

If you have not seen Mike Judge's "Idiocracy", I highly recommend it. Not the greatest movie, but a very logical extrapolation of where this country is headed.

gomonkeygo said...

Been wanting to see that; big fan of Mr. Judge's work. Thanks for the reminder!

Anonymous said...

Arizona'a new law, which has wide spread support in this country, just brings them in line with Mexico's immigration laws which are quite stringent. Just try coming up north through Mexico sometime. If you are just robbed by the Federales, you are lucky

gomonkeygo said...

Arizona has to keep up with Mexico and let Mexico dictate Arizona law? Never knew that.

Wasn't that long ago that much of Mexican law was still based on the Napoleonic Code - would you like the United States to switch to a guilty until proven innocent standard?

Oh, wait - Arizona's already done that! New state motto of Arizona - "If you're brown, you're going down!"

The whole damn thing has nothing to do with immigration reform, anyway - it's all about the pathetic Republican power structure trying to retain its pathetic power. They fear the potential voter base that true immigration reform would create, reform with pathways to citizenship instead of "Go Directly to Jail" cards. Because they know that all of those potential future citizens will tend Democratic.

So, they create harsh laws to punish the strangers and make their fearful base happy. All because they are also afraid - of losing power.

Anonymous said...

So you are against Mexico's immigration laws? Cool.

gomonkeygo said...

I could care less about Mexico's immigration laws. Though I've read a few stories and seen news reports about how tolerant they are about Americans immigrating there. Retirees are moving south of the border because cost of living is cheaper and they can get the medical care and prescriptions they need at affordable prices. Unlike here.

We don't even like legal immigrants much in this country. We're suffering hugely because of our too strict legal immigration laws; thousands of highly-trained people that would love to live and work in the US and contribute heart and soul to the American dream are denied access every year. And the people who come here to study, to be doctors and engineers and computer programmers and so on, they all have to leave because we won't let them stay. It's a brain drain of epic proportions. At least Mexico appreciates our people who move there, if only for the money they bring.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, were you saying something?