Friday, May 28, 2010

The New Crazy

I've been bin-diving the crazy online for a long time now, always trying to keep my itchy finger on what's driving the fringe, and one thing that hasn't changed in years is the über-far-right conspiracy mania over government surveillance of us all ("They watch us poop! And they know what you ate last night, too!") and the ever-present, ever-popular BLACK HELICOPTERS!

Gotta love them black helicopters, man, that's a classic.

But now,tThe teabagger/wingnut/libercrazians have finally done it - inverted their own sense of reality, turning themselves inside out to pull the last bit of crazy into the light of day.

Current TC (Top Crazy), Rand Paul, son of famous former TC, Ron, is now begging the big scary government to watch us from the skies - and to send in the helicopters!!!

Wow. It's a philosophic reality flip-flop of incredible dimensions, kids. I bet tachyons are leaking from RP's toenails over this one. Space and time are ripping! C'thulhu is rising! Children are being born today speaking fluent Esperanto, the old are aging backwards, John McCain is acting honorably and Rahm Emanuel has stopped swearing...for Lent!

All I can say is "Congratulations!" And Philip K. Dick would be proud.

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