Tuesday, June 1, 2010

My Line in the Sand

I've had it with him. No more Mr. Nice Monkey! Obama - I'm calling you out!

Not only did you spend Memorial Day drunkenly urinating on the graves of our heroic soldiers while rapping "The Internationale", or so I imagine, but now this...this outrage!

Check out the picture, kids, this is what our high and mighty President likes to do on his day off - hit little girls! Little white girls! And because he's "The President," this poor little girl's parents have to smile and pretend to like it! (Or take a bullet in the head from the Secret Service agents who had their laser-sights on them the whole time...I imagine).

Look at how he's about to slap her face! See how she raises her lily-white hand to ward off his aggression! Pretend what I'm saying is true! Aauugghhh!!!! Double-aauugghhh!

Go back to Kenya, Mr. President, or whatever phony country you really came from (there's no such place as Kenya, is there?). Leave America alone! Stopping hitting us! Stop hitting us! Why won't you stop hitting us!!!

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