Monday, August 30, 2010

Faking History

Lying about everything, but especially about history, is a specialty of Glenn Beck.

For example, one of his favorite "expert" guests is the bogus American historian David Barton, perhaps the one individual most responsible for all of the current lies about the Christian origins of our nation. Barton is as sleazy as they come, constantly editing historical documents to suit his own needs and taking them out of context to support his phony supposition that our nation was founded as a Christian nation by Christian leaders, amen, the end.

[For the best expose of Barton, check out Chris Rodda's awesome column over at Talk to Action where she regularly takes the hammer to liars and fools. Her Liars for Jesus is a great antidote to the kind of Christian nation myth the conservatives have been upchucking for the last decade plus.]

And now these lies have even filtered down to the level of t-shirt handy aphorism, as seen above. The religious right loves this George Washington quotation - they use it all of the time to support their fantasies about our history.'s a lie.Washington never said this. It's not in any of his speeches or letters or any other documents from his life before, during or after his Presidency. And they'll never admit it. 

Above is a pic from Beck's Saturday Godapalooza in DC. I hear Jesus returned, flew above the crowd and personally endorsed Beck as his mouthpiece on Earth. Oh, no, sorry, that was a dove shitting on his head. Same difference. Except doves and shit are real and Jesus ain't.


Nazz Nomad said...

morons have a right to gather in this country the same as any other group.

gomonkeygo said...

Indeed they do, indeed they do. And vote. And drive cars. Yikes.