Saturday, July 26, 2008

A Means to An End

Joy Division - Live at the Paradiso, Amsterdam (1/1/80) Part 1
Joy Division - Live at the Paradiso, Amsterdam (1/1/80) Part 2

I had a meeting one evening a few weeks back, for the local film festival I work with. We took care of the business that required actual thinking pretty quickly then adjourned to a nearby tavern to finish up. Besides discovering a few new beers and the fun of a digital online jukebox (search for the longest songs you can think of to get the most for your money!), I discovered that one of my fellow committee members who I've known for several years now is also an aging, graying punk. We'd never talked about music before!

And one of his favorite bands - Joy Division. I couldn't agree more, so here's a classic 1980 show that also goes by the title of this post. I've heard that there are multiple versions of this show available, with differences in sound quality, but this is the one I found immediately so this is what you get. Not premium soundboard but very good and the performance is freakin' stunning.

I was gonna put up a picture of a goth girl for this post, because goth kids are so cool, but all the pics I could find were too eroticized. I prefer the alienation part of goth culture. Goth attracts a handful of local kids in my town every year and they still get beat up and made fun of and ostracized and misunderstood by one and all. Sometimes they end up over at my school. I love having them - they're usually the smartest, politest, nicest kids in the world. Them and the punks.

So this show's for David and the goth kids! Don't forget: Buy shit!

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