Saturday, July 19, 2008

What, Me Worry?

John McCain was runnin' scared yesterday. Why? Because his campaign almost ended, at his own hands. McCain - unintentionally, let's say, though I think otherwise - outed the secret overseas travel itinerary of his Presidential opponent. Obama, in case you've been comatose for a few days, is now traveling abroad. It's the 21st century equivalent of a young man's tour of Europe in the 18th and 19th centuries. I expect it will be considered a "must-do" for all Presidential wanna-be's from now on.

The itinerary for Obama's trip has naturally been hush-hush. Top-freakin'-secret. For obvious reasons. Just like when McCain or Bush or Rice or Cheney traveled to any of the too-numerous war zones of the world in the last few years - safety first!

But John McCain thought it was just okey-dokey if he told the entire world - including any terrorists who just maybe might pay attention to American news - that he thought Obama'd be in Iraq this weekend. What a guy! What a dope! What a fuckin' ass!

And in the end, when he started to get justifiable media heat for this serious breach of national security - there are other Senators with Obama on this trip, Republican and Democrat - McCain tried to deflect attention from his campaign and career ending stupidity by bulldozing his best bud Phil Gramm. After accepting Gramm back into the fold only the day before with a hearty "All is forgiven, no problem that you're a less-than-human freak who hates and loathes the American people, Phil!" McCain destroyed him, tossing him from his campaign like an empty beer can, smashed against the forehead first. What a guy! What a dope! What a fuckin' ass!

Sadly, this won't be the end for McCain, though of all his "gaffes" it should be the clincher. The traditional media has far too much invested in this Presidential race to allow that to happen. We'll just have to watch McCain drive his Straight Talk Express off a few dozen more cliffs before the election, mouths agape, jaws permanently dropped at the lack of responsibility of both McCain and the press.

Ain't we got fun?

PS The above is as close to an actual representation of Gomonkeygo as you will ever see on this blog. My thanks to the very talented Mr. Rockwell who created this portrait. Death can't keep a great artist down!

PPS One other thing about McCain and last week that pisses me off royally is the clear display of the double standard at work again. If Obama had tossed one of his oldest friends and closest advisors off of his campaign, every talking head in the country would've been screaming about it as yet another example of Obama as "Old-style bottom-feeding Chicago politician who'll do and say anything - even hurt his best friend - to get elected!" It's a meme that the right-wing talk radio bullies have been using, I know, to great effect. But McCain gets a wink and a nod and all is good. And they wonder why I drink.


Anonymous said...

you are one crazy liberal but your music taste is fabulous. Keep on railing against those Republican so and sos.

gomonkeygo said...

Thanks, I think! That was two compliments, right? I usually one get one, so I'm naturally kinda confused. Come on back anytime!

Ed said...

Hi, Monkey!

Thanks for visiting my blog. I think I'm at the right place, but according to your profile, you're involved in something like four brazillion blogs, but this one seems the most current and likely.

Anyway, the 2nd A-SFB album is probably going to be re-released at some future date as well as some live and un-released stuff. There has also been some talk about an A-SFB "reunion" (can a band have a reunion if it never officially disbanded?) in fall 2008 or something. Don't hold your breath, but it's not out of the question.

Good to hear from you! Nice blog, too. I will need to explore it further. Would you object if I add it to my blogroll? I think there are at least 7 people who read my blog and might possibly bounce over to yours.

L said...

The image does look like you....from the backside.You know.

gomonkeygo said...

Thanks, "L"!