Thursday, July 10, 2008

What Would Spanky Say?

When asked yesterday about birth control and insurance, the Straight Talker clammed up, swallowed his tongue and refused to discuss the issue.

[UPDATE - Added Video]

To me it looks like John McCain is a little bit scared of the "female problems." As a Jr. Freudian Boy Detective in good standing, my diagnosis is that this has something to do with his relationships with women, goin' all the way back to Mommy. Maybe we should ask his wife? What’s that cute pet name he calls her by again? Oh, yeah - "My Little Bank Account"!

Why on earth does this question bother McCain? This is a political/health/economic issue, not that embarrassing first private moment where Daddy has to deal with his daughter and the facts of life, which is what you’d think from McCain’s bizarre reaction. The man can joke about killing Iranians with cigarettes but can’t talk seriously about women’s health issues?*

I doubt any supporter of Hillary Clinton turned McCain voter (are there really any or is this an urban myth?) reads my blog, but if there is even one, please ask yourself if this is the man you want making decisions about your health care, your body, your rights as a woman. I get the heebie-jeebies just thinking about - and I have a penis!

* There's enough material in McCain's flippant, inappropriate, undiplomatic but oh-so-revealing remark to warrant a doctoral dissertation, but I only want to put this forward: If Obama had made the same remark about Iran and cigarettes, his campaign would’ve ended two seconds later. Every traditional media source in the nation would have screamed for blood with joy in their voices. But for McCain, this too shall pass [UPDATE].

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