Sunday, July 27, 2008

Psychedelicize Your Summer

Blogbuddy -valis has this excellent show available over at Trip Inside This House:

The Black Hollies - Live at the Hi-Tone, Memphis, TN (6/1/08)

Quite an awesome show and I have to thank the big lowercase v-man for introducing me to the band. I hadn't heard of them before. My life is now better for knowing them. How to describe? Great 60s style psychedelic pop-rock is the most obvious way. "Freakbeat mayhem" is what -valis says. That's pretty cool. Good, nay great, regardless.

Have a nice weekend!

BREAKING NEWS! A brand new show is just about to go up at the 'House - The Black Angels, Live at the Hi-Tone, Memphis, TN (7/6/08). This news is so new I don't even have a link to the post yet! But it's gotta be good. Go! Now!

PS I made the art for the Black Hollies show. Why bother to mention it? Bragging a bit, because I had so much fun joining two pictures of the band into one, so you could see them all onstage at the same time. Tell me where the join is - I dare you! (Probably a stupid dare, but I'm really trying to get you to go over and check this show out. It's so cool.)

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Anonymous said...

I remember seeing the Black Hollies ads in the local paper.No chance to see the show...hope it was good for everyone else.