Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Haters Keep On Hating

Why do the Democrats hate America? Why do they believe that the health of corporate persons* is more important than the health of real flesh and blood Americans? Why do they constantly kowtow to the childish whining of Republicans?

In the Senate today, a bunch of mealy, sad, pathetic Democrats sided with a bunch of Republicans today to shut down a fiscally responsible public option plan that would have provided decent health care to millions of Americans.

Why? Why? Why?

Only today I was confronted by the inequities of the American non-health care system as it stands. One of my students has had multiple hospital visits in the last two weeks resulting in multiple hospital bills; a parent is recovering from major surgery and unemployed because of it; grandparents are in a care facility; healthy parent also unemployed thanks to the depths of the depression we are in. My student is the only working member of the family. At a fast food joint. And this family will be losing their home soon because of the almost impossible financial burdens of medical care they have experienced in just the last year.

Why? Why? Why?

* Have you ever met a corporate person? Me neither. Sounds like the bogeyman of all bogeymen to me, Stephen King's red-headed step-child with a dull axe.

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RevolutionaryBum said...

We seem to be asking the same questions ? For as long as I can remember I've been bothered by issues that just don't add up, the answers given through traditional media outlets always being 2+2=anything but 4. Standing as best I can outside of the "box" I've tried to search for the closest resemblance of the truth. And with the current health care drama being acted out in D.C. as a purposely distracting play to continue the illusion of Democracy, I see clearer than ever the hands of corporate infiltration that have existed since the beginning controlling the so called debate like never before. Senators and Congress members who are hand picked, groomed and loyal to corporate interests NOT the people who believe they voted them into office as representatives of their interests witch is the furthest thing from their minds, except when reelection time comes around !
This subject is something I'd like to investigate further, such as connecting the dots of witch members have what large businesses in their states, how much they've had contributed to their coffers by these groups etc. etc. It's all there I believe it's only a matter doing the grunt work and then trying to get the information out there. But when the same institutions that own literally everything from Energy and Food supplies to the media (including Book Publishers) it's harder than it should be, information is controlled in the U.S. much more than people would guess. I could go on and on but this perhaps isn't the best place to do so ? But I really appreciate your comments, knowing there are other's questioning the sam illogical issues gives me hope ! Thanks =)