Monday, September 7, 2009

Seeing Red!

Comrade Obama has abandoned the party, fellow workers of the state! We have been hoodwinked and played for fools!!!

Yes, it's true. The White House (oh, when did it turn from Red?) has released the text of "President" Obama's speech to our nation's children he intends to give tomorrow.

And there is not a word of socialist/communist/leftist propaganda in it! We've been betrayed!

Nothing about the Twelve-Year Plan (for terms one, two and three of Obama's Thousand-Year Rule) or collectivization of farms and government takeover of utilities and health care. Nary a hint of the forced sterilization of Whitey and the wholescale slaughter of Granny! Nothing about working for the Leader! Nothing about the "Summer Camps" for the enemies of the State. Nothing about the Youth Army at all - what kind of speech is this?

The children, the poor children. They are leaderless...

I'm afraid the dream is over, comrades. Return to your cells and plot anew. The revolution has been cancelled.


Anonymous said...

Took six days to release the text. By then it had been changed. Nothing in it matched the "teaching materials" issued by Obama's( may His name be praised) education dept.
He did mention G*d twice. That should have made someone angry. Why hasn't Nazz made a comment yet?

gomonkeygo said...

So you're angry that he released the text. Jesus Christ. What are you talking about - six days? It was out before the speech? Big fuckin' deal. This is the sorest loser whining I've ever heard. What a bunch of fuckin' crybabies. And they used to say the left were sore losers during Bush's Reign. I thought the right were supposed to be the tough, manly John Wayne types and the left were supposed to be the wimpy, crying babies. But I guess this is what always happens when bullies get the dirt thrown back in their own faces. They can't take it and they cry while they run away. Run away anonymously. Fuck you anonymous. And the dead elephant you rode in on.

Anonymous said...

Very intelligent and well-thought out reply. You are a school teacher aren't you? Very sad

gomonkeygo said...

Hey, Mr/Mrs/Miss but probably not Ms Anonymous: We've met before, I think. How's it going? Blah....blah...blah...

Yeah, I'm a teacher. At school, with my students. Not here. Here I'm a guy with a grudge against fools and idiots who uses his blog to vent steam that would otherwise corrode his heart and soul. I could do it more politely and many times I have striven to do so, but catch me on a bad day or when I've just had too much crap to take and I'll go off.

Are you a public executioner when you leave work? Are you a death squad instructor when you go home at the end of the day? Do you keep killing baby seals after the whistle blows? No. You leave your job behind at the end of the work day. Then you're just you. We all live multiple lives and are entitled to both professional and personal lives if we are lucky enough to have distinct versions of such.

And, as I've written here before, if you want any better treatment than the above, create a username for yourself. You don't even have to give real information. But it looks a lot less cowardly than hiding behind "Anonymous" and it gives heft to your comments because it shows you care enough to take the time to leave a phony ID trail. Try "Richard Saunders" if it's not already taken.