Thursday, September 3, 2009

What Would Jeebus Do?

I almost wish the fantasy of Christianity were true and a space-god would return to judge us all. Because if it's that hippie from the New Testament, then he's gonna go Manson. All over so-called Christians like this guy and this guy. Not too forget this dude.

All preachers of the word. And the word is "Kill!" They all are publicly preaching about and praying for the death of President Barack Obama.

Lovely people. True believers. Scum of the earth.

Everyday I hope to hear good things come from the mouths, minds and hearts of the religious, the kind of things that my own pastor used to say, about charity and loving others and forgiveness. Everyday I'm disappointed. Everyday I'm more convinced of the irrationality of all religion and I'm confirmed in my belief that we need to grow past it to survive.

Maybe I should look into Scientology. If Beck likes it...


Nazz Nomad said...

truly awful people. especially hiding behind the bible and wishing harm.

i am just glad that extremist religious views have never resulted in violence in our history.

however, we must also acknowledge that 2 years ago there were puh-lenty of left leaning folk that were espousing the death of g.w. bush.

gomonkeygo said...

I been thinking on that all day. Because people say to me that both sides are exactly the same, that there's no difference from what those on the right are saying than from what those on the left were saying. But I don't remember anyone publicly praying for the death of Bush. I never even said such a thing myself, and my hatred for the man knew no bounds. Probably because it was really hatred for his policies and the miserable, horrifying direction he actually took the country in for 8 rotten years. Were there members of the left publicly crying out for his death? I'd really like to know.

Bill said...

Amen again. I forgot to email the right wing bigots around the neighborhood the filth and crap out of their mouths. Sure, there is free speech but can't I get in that person's face and call them an ass?