Monday, March 22, 2010

All the Way to the Bank

I was screaming at Man-Crush Matthews when this was originally aired. I frightened the cats, I was so loud, so angry. I couldn't believe his arrogance during this interview.

Watching it again, I realized that it's not arrogance but fear. He doesn't understand the world anymore. Bloggers and the scary "netroots" are out there miles ahead of him, figuring out what's going in Washington and elsewhere and leaving his pasty old ass behind.

Beautiful. Matthews is about as useful as John McCain these days. I hope everyone at MSNBC sent him an email link to this today, to piss on his parade. But he probably doesn't do email. The Intertubes scare him.


Mona said...

Hope you don't mind that I have reposted this with a link...
I saw this earlier but you have hit the proverbial nail on its head!

gomonkeygo said...

No problem. I can't believe how defensive and on edge Man-Crush is in this clip. He's been that way for months now but this is the worst. He needs to have the fuckin' chip on this shoulder knocked to his knees. I think the man has some brains left under the veneer of know-it-all, but he needs to wake up and realize that the world today is not the world of 30 years ago.