Thursday, March 25, 2010

Yes, We Did

This would only be a better video if they spliced in a clip from Scanners at the know...exploding head-time.

Poor Boehner. I bet he thought he looked so courageous and filled with moral outrage.

All he really did was look like a jack-o-lantern throwing a tantrum.

In all seriousness, though, I do think Pumpkinhead represents something tangible here. He's the face of people afraid of losing their privilege and power, afraid of history and change, afraid of everything that doesn't look just like himself in the mirror. No wonder the neo-Nazis are feeling so liberated these days. Guys like Pumpkinhead are now publicly channeling all their sick masturbatory racial fear fetishes, right on the floor of the United States Congress. Good job, Johnny. Better hope they don't blame you for not stopping Obama. They turn easily.


Anonymous said...

Nice blog. Too bad you have such a naive political position.

gomonkeygo said...

Thank you! One knows one is in the presence of a master when the first strike is to call the liberal naive.

That was getting old in 1950.

Anonymous said...

You're right--we already know that you're naive. Please choose instead as many terms as apply from the following list: marxist, socialist, un-american, weak, control freak, doctrinaire, euro-weenie, share-the-misery, prohibit excellence, plantation-enabling, or redistributionist.

Please note that my list is illustrative of my contempt for your position, and the words in the list, when selected, are not intended to fit into the original post without modification to syntax and grammar.

'10 and '12 are looking pretty bad for y'all, aren't they?

Mona said...

LOL (@the trolls)
and I love the pic...
Did you catch this?

Bill said...

John Boehner is a creep.