Saturday, July 11, 2009

Health Care, Schmealth Care!

Interesting diary post on Daily Kos about a health insurance executive's confession of guilt. Real guilt, as in he actually is feeling an emotion. Hard to believe, I know, but...

But guilt about what? About lying to the American people, about depriving the American people of proper health care, about being a total asshole.

Guilt too about trying to cover up the truth regarding the health care systems of Canada and Britain that are so derided and mocked by the conservative right and their fascist stooges in this country. The kind of truth Michael Moore tried to tell us about with Sicko.

If you have ever dismissed Michael Moore as a demagogue of the left, biased and whacked, read this and think again. There are very powerful, monied interests working very hard to control the media spin on health care. And one of them has just fessed up to it.

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