Monday, July 20, 2009

It Was Forty Years Ago Today...

When Neil Armstrong taught the world to say "One small step..."

I grew up with the space program and Apollo and NASA and the dream that became reality - men and women living and working in outer space. If my head were to be taken apart by an archaeologist of the mind, one of the lowest and densest strata would be labeled "Space Junk," I'm sure.

If I were old enough to have seen Disney's shows on space exploration, I probably would've been an astronaut rather than an astronut. Instead, I dreamt of space in my Milwaukee Brewer's pajamas during the afternoon naps my Mom made me take even though I fought hard and long against them because I might miss a second of moon landing coverage.

Thank you, Neil and Buzz. Even if you did fake it, it was incredible.

(I just found out that those classic Disney space shows are on DVD. I ordered my copy thirty seconds ago! Check on if you don't want to give Amazon your monies.)


Memphis said...

I was 6 at the time in a camp ground in S.Dakota.Listening on a little radio.Had seen the Corn Palace,Mt Rushmore and Flintstone Village (by some miracle,my Dad hated those places)Holy Shit !!! People on the Moon !!!!!!! Some morning show had Buzz Aldrin on,he said the moment he remembers best is just after touching down.A couple minutes alone with Neil Armstrong,and just looking at each other,thinking about where they were.WOW ! No shit.

Nazz Nomad said...

We all know it was really OJ Simpson that landed on the moon.

Hey,my word verification was "outwang" ! As in, I can "outwang" anyone!

gomonkeygo said...

That needs to go on your resume!

Memphis said...

My user Verification was "nokilli"what exactly is your grand plan? James Brolin actually stepped on the Moon first,OJ was filming a Hertz commercial that day.