Wednesday, July 1, 2009

PHASE IV! PHASE IV! We're All Gonna Die!!!

I knew it! I always knew it would be the goddamn ants that do us in. Be afraid, be very afraid...

(Phase IV scared the crap out me when I was ten years old. To a ten year old, it seemed very plausible, indeed. I even read the novelization by Barry Malzberg. You should read some Malzberg if you haven't, btw. Great writer, totally overlooked and undervalued by the majority of science fiction fans, but very cool and weird and depressing and highly literate and so twisted that even science fiction's ghetto which can embrace much has trouble with Malzberg. That makes him worth looking for, I think. I was amazed looking at his bibliography just now; I have almost everything the man's written, fiction-wise at least plus some of the non-fiction. I had no idea I liked Malzberg that much. Go figure!)

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