Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Chuckie Alert - Defcon 6

I'm happy to note that Chuck Norris, a leading intellectual light of the right, has come out with a smashing expose of Obama's health care plan:


Yes, according to Chuck, Obama shouldn't be tarred and feathered for his heinous plan which will create death panels, institutionalize euthanasia and steal children from their homes in the dead of night (yes, he really thinks that).

The guy really behind it all is: Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel.

A Jew.

You can read all of Chuck's babblings if you really want to do so - but you needn't bother reading past Dr. Emanuel's last name. All Chuck really wants is for his brain-dead legion of zombie readers to note the name. And quake in fear.

Because Chuck Knows that They Know what a name like Emanuel means:


I'm not gonna put up any links to any sites that discuss the NWO and the JC (hey, aren't those Jesus' initials, too?) because they are morally repugnant. You can find them very easily if you wish.

And it's really pointless to even post a comment on the Human Events' website because they censor them. One of mine showed up once. Not one since. Feel free to comment away here, though. I don't censor or block my comments and I try to respond to all, regardless of level of insanity.

Oh, and Chuck - burn in hell!

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