Saturday, August 29, 2009

Crazy Super Train

Glenn Beck is gonna tell us all what we can do. To stop the Obama "Oligarhy"!!!

Now, I don't know what an "oligarhy" is (though it's pronounced, according to Glenn, like a word that should be spelled "oligarchy" - go figure!) but I'm quakin' in my size 11 and a half, nearly triple-E boots. Actually, Birkenstocks, but boots if I owned some. Check it out...

I have to hand it to the little freak, though. He's really masterful at the fine art of riling scared folks up into a frenzy. I'm guessing nine-tenths of his viewers spent a couple hours trying to Google "Oligarhy" and when they couldn't find it, just got more scared. I mean, when "The Google" is in on the conspiracy, too, and tries to tell you that maybe you are really looking for is some totally insane word nobody's ever heard of, like "oligarchy," then you know it's time to hit the streets with full auto's blazing!!!!

White folks, hide under your beds! The Oligarhy is coming! Hide your children! Destroy your Social Security card and the implant in it they track you with!!! Hide your funny men, the ones with soft things on their chests and the ability to bear children even though you can't, a strange and frightening fact that you just don't understand even though every day you give birth to little dirt babies so why can't you make real babies! It's a sad puzzle! The Oligarhy is coming!

I hope it brings ice cream.


Mona said...

Brilliant man!

Mona said...

There is almost complete LKJ @ The Bay @ the mo!