Thursday, August 6, 2009

Now Is the Time

You need to go and listen to Glenn "I Have Life-Size Appliques of Hitler, Goebbels and Goering on the Mirrored Ceiling Over My Bed" Beck issue a literal call-to-arms to his crazy listeners.

And listen carefully, because Glenn "I didn't say anything of the sort!" Beck couches his call to armed revolt and treason very carefully. By saying it's "not time" for it. The unspoken "yet" lingers heavily in the crazy ear.

I dunno if Beck is purely delusional, a real true believer, or just a cynical, manipulative, vicious propagandist. I do think that he is a deeply hate-filled man and I can almost have pity for him except that he chooses to use his hatred to push the buttons of the unhinged and the racist, hoping against hope that one of them will do the dirty deed, that one of them will pull the trigger he hopes will get pulled.

Unlike Beck, I think NOW IS THE TIME! - time to start fighting back against this kind of vileness. How about a boycott for starters?
  • Don't listen to any radio station that broadcasts his propaganda show and let them know about it, too. Just turning off the radio is meaningless.
  • Boycott any sponsor of either his radio or TV programs.
  • Boycott his publisher, too. Don't buy any book from Simon & Schuster, the parent company of Threshold Editions, Beck's publisher.
  • Boycott the parent company of Simon & Schuster - CBS! Don't watch any program on CBS.
  • AND LET THEM KNOW - via phone or email or letter or picket line!
  • Hit the bastards in the only place that matters - their pocket books! Nothing else will motivate any of Beck's corporate protectors to distance themselves from him.
It's really funny, now, seeing the tree of corporate protectionism that sponsors Beck's hatred, since he bills himself as a man of the people, a voice for the voiceless, just a neighborhood Joe who's fighting the good fight against the powers that be. Without those powers, he is powerless, he is voiceless, he is nothing.

Let's make sure of that, eh?

Bye-bye, Beck, bye-bye!

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Nazz Nomad said...

half this country agrees with him. g-d help us.