Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Rise Like Lions, Shake Your Chains!

I'm no big fan of the Kennedy clan, kids. But I'm no ogre either and my sympathies go out to them on their loss today. Probably, like you, I can't claim any personal feelings of loss as I never met Sen. Kennedy, but we can all relate to the loss of a family member. At least they had time to be with him and knew this day was coming. For one family, they've had many sudden losses.

I can't help but hope, though - and I think Sen. Kennedy might not be adverse to this - that the Democrats will be strengthened by his passing rather than weakened. With renewed vigor and a desire to "Do It for Teddy!" they can return to Washington and get a real health care package passed in both houses of Congress. NOW IS THE TIME!

I know Kennedy was a great believer in compromise, but there is no room for compromise in health care. We have to have it and we have to have a public option. Without a public option, health care will only further subsidize the insurance companies, providing no leverage for the people to use against them - and our tax money will pay for it.

With a public option, we can fight. Because this is a fight, for our rights. I believe that health care is a fundamental right in America - let's call it something catchy like "promoting the general welfare," eh? - and NOW IS THE TIME!

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