Monday, August 3, 2009

When Crazy Does TV

When Michelle Malkin starts talking about government cheese and basically saying that people prefer unemployment to, I dunno - eating? - I want to puke. I also want to ask her this:

"Miss (surely Ms. is not appropriate?) Malkin - have you ever been unemployed? Have you ever lost your job due to downsizing? Have you ever tried to feed a family of four on unemployment benefits? Have you ever been up at 3am, shaking with the sweats, crying, wondering what you were going to do when your unemployment benefits run out - how you'd keep your children from starving? Have you ever tried to get a job when there are no jobs to be gotten? Have you, ever, in your entire life, suffered a single privation due to lack of economic resources?"

I know the answer already and so do you. I also know that someone like Miss Malkin wouldn't even let me ask her a question like this. She'd scream about "welfare mothers driving Cadillacs" (the Republicans and the conservatives are so old school) and "Socialists! Communists! Feminists! Leftists!" until - she would hope - I would go away and stop confronting her idealogy with reality. Because the two don't mix and it hurts her brain to deal with them equally.

Advice to Michelle Malkin: Cognitive dissonance may hurt a little but millions of unemployed and starving Americans would rather face that than what they wake up to every morning.

You're a lucky person, Miss Malkin. You don't have the problems real Americans have. I almost envy you.


Mona said...

Yeah! She is a weird one alright!

Ed said...

Well, she may not be 100% wrong on the unemployment thing. Speaking from experience, it's not very motivating to give up unemployment benefits when salaries are plummeting. Having been unemployed for a year and a half (I just got a job about a month ago, so I'm no longer a drain on the taxpayers), it was pretty depressing to be looking for work and realize that, due to the fact that it's an employer's market right now, all the jobs for which I was qualified weren't going to pay any more than I was getting from unemployment, even though my benefits were something like half of my old wage. You end up spending more money when you're working (transportation costs, childcare for some people, etc, etc), and if you're not taking in more than your UC benefits, where is the incentive? Still, I'm happy I finally found a job. And, yes, even though she may be partly right on this one, Miss Malkin is a complete nutcase. I bet she's never had to deal with being unemployed.

gomonkeygo said...

Yeah, it's been a while since I was so completely jobless to draw unemployment but I remember the feeling. I had zero expenses other than rent and food and utilities. I went through my paltry savings fairly fast though but got a job that payed better than the one I'd lost right about when my benefits ran out. That was back when there were jobs though.

And what really infuriated me was knowing that she's never faced economic hardship in her life and everything she says is said from a pure ideological standpoint, total cookie cutter propaganda spin.