Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I Just Lost My Job...Did You?

Well, thanks to Herr Jerkmeister Michael ("I hear bees in my head!") Steele, new head of the RNC, I'm outta my job.

Yep, I'm no longer a teacher because my job is not permanent. My school is grant-funded, year-to-year, at the mercy of the blessedly wise Illinois State Legislature's crazy-ass budget whims. I don't know from year to year if I will have a job. And now I'm unemployed...I guess.

Why? Because Steele has redefined a "job." A "job" is only a "job" if it is permanent. Otherwise it is only "work." Just "work," ya know, that silly something you do every day or night, that puts money in your pocket and food on your table and clothing on your child's back. Just "work," not a "job."

So, if you don't have an iron-clad contract guaranteeing you that your "job" will never cease to exist and you will have your "job" until the day you die, then you're fracked. You just lost your "job."

See ya in the unemployment line, kidz.

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gomonkeygo said...

Okay, I know my silliness is stoopid - but please don't think I'm actually out of work anyone! Just being natural monkey silly. I don't want anyone to worry about the 'monkey. I can always deliver pizzas.

Crap, did it again! Sorry...