Sunday, February 1, 2009

Drool Buckets All Around

The morally and ethically bankrupt right, who I hate with all my being of course - as much as I love and adore President Obama, the dreamiest, hunkiest, Hawiaiaiaianest Prez ever! - are still trying to tell us that we are all stoopid idjits for hating Bush and loving Obama.

If only we'd known.

Here's my favorite line of truthspeak from this cretin Peter Berkowitz, who appropriately is a "Fellow" at the aptly named Hoover Institution - which means, I imagine, that he can wear a dress under lederhosen and chaps and not be considered weird at their secret parties:

Bush hatred and Obama euphoria typically coexist in the same soul. And it is disproportionately members of the intellectual and political class in whose souls they flourish.

Lord Fellow Berkowitz needs to put both of his monocles on and go amongst the common folk, methinks, in their tatters and rags and hovels, to seek out the reality of Bush hatred and Obama love.

I'm privileged to work everyday with the children of middle and working class and poor parents, white and black and hispanic, and this election has made it abundantly clear to me that Bush hatred and Obama love cross the class and race lines that dunderheads like Berkowitz like to raise between us. Also clear has became the reality that Berkowitz and his ilk do not and never will understand the truth about these impassioned feelings they despise. One doesn't need to be an airy ivory-towered intellectual leftist to hate Bush and love Obama. One only needs to care about the future.

It's almost funny, really. Here's an elitist of the intellectual and political right condemning the elitists of the intellectual and political left (without drawing the left-right distinction but merely slamming them for having brains) for all of the woes which will now befall the country under President Obama. And he's doing it while stoking the fires of the culture wars, re-writing history to make the Obama election look the end result of a bunch of reasonless, emotionally overwrought zealots of the intellectual class leading the blind, ignorant, equally reasonless lower classes to their doom.

"Pity the poor and the stupid for not having their own opinions! Why didn't they listen to their Republican betters? Woe is the nation!" I bet there are a lot of very bitter parties at the Hoover Institution these days. I love the name, too: "Institution" is so much more suggestive of a large, gray, featureless building in which lunatics are locked away from the public than "Institute."

Sometimes, doncha just want a revolution?


Nazz Nomad said...

I think we're all fucked. I think that as bad as things are right now, they are gonna get a fuckload worse. A fuckload as big as Rosie O'Donnel's ass.

Up until this past month, we've been training to get in the ring with Mike Tyson circa 1986. It was all conceptual... Hey, we'll go in the ring and get hit a couple of times, go down, it'll be unpleasent and then we'll be back to normal. With a pocketful of green dead presiden's to heal our wounds.

Guess what... We just took the rib shot that Michael Spinks got ... The only problem is... There's no count-out, no 8 second standing count, and no 3 minute rounds. It's a steel cage death match, and no way out.

We're just gonna keep getting hit and hit again, until our blood is all over the ring, our teeth are knocked out, and we're all punch drunk, wandering the streets looking for a handout.

gomonkeygo said...

Yeah, the economy (I assume that's what the metaphor was about, eh?) is sucky and will turn from sucky to full-force black hole. If we don't have bread lines and maybe riots within a year, I will be surprised.

Unless of course we just decide to take back all of our money from those Cayman Island banks where they've hid it. And give it to the people.

I think the only plan that has a half-ass chance of working is just giving the money to the people. Split half of that trillion bucks, giving an equal percentage to every tax payer (or base it on what percent of your income you paid in taxes last year - this will screw the rich and benefit the rest of us mightily!).

The only condition: Spend a certain percentage of it on our mortgages and credit card debts and other loans (thus giving a huge chunk of money back to the banks who can then loan it out again or just make themselves solvent under some heavy duty government watchdogs).

Do you think we wouldn't spend a whole lot of the rest of that money? We wouldn't be Americans if we didn't. Starbucks would open new stores, not close more. GM wouldn't lay off - they'd be hiring!

Me, I'd get debt free and invest in wind and solar. And start a used book and music store. No coffee drinking or men with ponytails allowed. Coltrane and Sun Ra and Hawkwind and the VU in perpetual rotation all day, every day. That's my idea of heaven on earth.

Nazz Nomad said...

Just wait... 2012 will bring a populist demagogue into power that will make Huey Long and Adolph Hitler look like Albert Shweitzer and Mohandus Ghandi.

gomonkeygo said...

Rush/Palin - 2012!