Friday, May 9, 2008

Brass Tacks and Back Taxes

Cindy McCain, wife of John McCain, current Republican frontrunner in the campaign for the Presidency (can't call him the nominee because officially he ain't), won't release her tax information. Not ever. No never. Nuh-huh, ain't gonna happen.

This points directly at the heart of my opposition to McCain as a candidate. He has completely endorsed the Bush idea of non-accountability. Doesn't matter if other candidates and their spouses release their tax info - doesn't matter if that opens a clearer path of communication between candidate and voter - doesn't matter at all - because McCain can and will do what McCain wants regardless of how it will be perceived. (Perception is 99 percent of the political game, ya know).

Two things here. First, the above mentioned embrace of non-accountability. He just shrugs, throws off a folksily Reaganesque "My dear friends" and slides away from the question. It's do what I say, not what I do, and don't expect me to fess up to doing or saying anything no matter how it conflicts with the confirmed record. The new flap over his voting or not-voting for Bush in 2000 is an excellent example. I wonder if that explains the strange look on McCain's face in the picture above? Is he trying to keep from hemorrhaging from his ears? Seriously, that's an odd expression.

Second, the press covering his campaign freakin' love him. After every event, they all crowd around Big John in his leather chair in the back of the bus and he talks and talks and talks about absolutely nothing at all until their wee lil' minds are so full they cannot take any more and the engines blow! What a guy, what a great guy! That's what they all say. When's the next BBQ, John? is the only substantive question any of them are likely to ask.

It's sad. Because until they can stopper their ears and keep the Pied Piper from seducing them, they won't be able to do their jobs. Thankfully, there's plenty of people who don't get to sit on Unka John's knee while he tells them stories, people outside the bus, outside the traditional media, who can't hear the beguiling tones or smell the barbeque sauce.

Hail to the bloggers! Saviors of democracy!

I just wish some of them would spell check more frekuently.

POSTCRIPT: Notice please that I am no longer referencing the Republican frontrunner as McCrazy. I decided to give him more respect than he's showing to the nation. Characterize him as arrogant and condescending by calling him "Big John" and "Unka John" I will probably continue to do. Depends on how pissed I am.

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