Friday, May 23, 2008

Superhero Appreciation Week - Sun Ra

Sun Ra - Live at Peabody's, Cleveland, OH (1991) Part 1
Sun Ra - Live at Peabody's, Cleveland, OH (1991) Part 2

Happy Birthday, Sun Ra! Happy Birthday, me! Yesterday was the natal anniversary of the arrival upon Planet Earth of Le Sony'r Ra, Herman "Sonny" Blount, Sun Ra - the intergalactic man of of musical mystery! And today is mine. Yahoo.

It would be trivializing it if I said that Sun Ra changed my life. Because he didn't. He changed my heart and my mind.

Twenty years of Ra and counting now. I first saw Sun Ra in the summer of 1988. June 14th precisely. What better for a sci-fi freak than a musical hero from another planet? Nothing, if you ask me. Nothin' at all.

The place was the wonderful Barrymore in Madison, Wisconsin (talked about a bit in my post on the Mekons - look it up). It was a perfect early Wisconsin summer evening, not too hot or too cold, neither too dry nor too humid. If you haven't had a summer in Wisconsin, you should think about it. It defines summer.

It was a trio that went into the Barrymore - Larry and me and Doug. But I'd split myself in two several times over by the time we left. Dunno about those guys. I'm still looking for some of those parts. I don't know where the hell Doug went after the show - he just disappeared in his mysterious way. Larry and I split up but then found each other again, maybe we'd planned it, I dunno, but we had fun making very big sandwiches in his parent's kitchen sometime in the middle of the night. We didn't eat them, just made them. They were lovely. Around sunrise we finally ended it.

Everything has to end, I guess. Like "Superhero Appreciation Week." Everything except music and friendship. Going to see Larry and his lovely wife (The Fox!) in a few weeks. I'll let ya'all know how hot Memphis is in June.

PS This is a very rare Ra show. I got it directly from the taper in trade a few years ago. Really nice audience recording. I don't have a setlist, though a few tunes are obvious, like "Prelude to a Kiss." Enjoy!

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John V said...

Thanks so much for sharing this! Sounds like Mr. Ra had an effect on me similar to the one he had on you. (If you really listened how could he not?)Thanks again for sharing your experience and the music. Its always a great comfort to me to come across someone who was moved as I have been.
Keep up the inspired work!

John V.

Yotte said...

Hey, Thanks! Love me some RA. I hopped over after reading your comment at QBootz. Nice place you have here.

gomonkeygo said...

Glad you came - hope you like the show.

Anonymous said...

thx to your comment to another ra-album at my site, i discovered this! give-and-take, the old sharity formula ;)


gomonkeygo said...

Guess I was in error when I commented on your blog - could've sworn it was '87 when he was first at the Barrymore. But that just makes the disc you posted even more accurate a reflection of the show I saw, being within a month of two of the Barrymore.

Hope you enjoy it! Love your blog.

Anonymous said...

you're long in bizness, gomonkeygo, and it's possible, that our roads crossed before. i had about a dozen other blogs before - it started in 06 with mr. lucky's world of m and orang aural, and followed by border music on wordpress, cineville for all sorts of soundtracks, squeezo for accordion stuff, another blog focused only on releases from zorn's japanese avant records, etc. i guess you have similar detours in your blogging history...


gomonkeygo said...

My longest previous blog was here:

I think a lot of the links still function.

I've also started a lot of blogs that never went past the first post. Still hope to get going on my "Awesome Pink Lady & Jeff" blog someday...but now it's just a dream.