Thursday, May 1, 2008

It's Like a Buffet - Nobody Eats the Salad

I've been digging around in the ol' numbers barrel and I can tell that you folks like certain things more than others. Numbers don't lie, unlike Hillary Clinton. But what do you like the most?

You have downloaded the most:

Television, Julian Cope, The Feelies, Green On Red and Opal. After that it kinda devolves, though there are a lot of Rain Parade junkies out there.

And the least:

Camper Van Beethoven.

Why? I know that some blame them for ruining punk rock, for creating that whole indie band sound and bull, but they were a great band, especially live. If you like Television and The Feelies and the VU and any great guitar band of the last 40 years that doesn't come from south of the Mason-Dixon line (or pretend to), then you should check out CVB. It won't kill you! Will it?

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