Sunday, May 25, 2008

An End to Patience

I have been trying very hard to be patient and nice regarding the campaign of Hillary Clinton for the last few weeks. I decided I would try and be gracious to her and her supporters as the inevitable truth sunk in to them that she would not be able to win the Democratic nomination. Early indications from the Clinton campaign were that she and they intended to gracefully ride out the rest of the primary season. This would have been fine. Give Clinton her due - she did spend an awful lot of money, time and treasure on this endeavor and she deserved to end it on her own terms.

But. But. But.

For some reason, Hillary Clinton can't accept defeat. Not graciously at least. If anything, the last few weeks have seen some of the bitterest and foulest campaigning from Clinton this entire primary season. From her completely open and boldfaced invitation for America's "hard-working" whites to accept their inner racist to her supposed slip-of-the-tongue last Friday, about Robert Kennedy and his assassination, Hillary Clinton has proven repeatedly that she is the least ready, least qualified candidate for the Presidency.

(Contrary to most of the media, I find nothing admirable in her supposedly courageous "I'm a fighter" mentality. She is pulling the Democratic party apart with it and alienating herself and her supposed base from the real issue in the upcoming general election - keeping McCain from continuing George Bush's failed policies. Truly courageous people, true fighters, know when to bow out rather than tear themselves apart and lose what they are fighting for by destroying it. Clinton doesn't. She is out of control and the DNC should be ashamed of itself for not having the guts to take her on and end this farce by getting the superdelegates to come out for Obama to end this. It's pathetic.)

Hillary Clinton's bold-faced "Audacity of Pandering" is disgusting. As is her willingness to alter reality at the drop of a hat, so long as it suits her ambitions. Every part of her recent remark on June campaigns, for example, is an outright twisting and distortion of historical fact, leaving aside the awful assassination comment. I do not buy any excuse offered by her or her campaign for this remark. She had said something similar in a print interview already. Thus the idea of winning this election through the death of her opponent has obviously crossed Clinton's mind enough so that she can casually allude to the subject without thinking.

Almost worse, her absolute unwillingness to actually apologize for the remark or admit that saying it was a mistake is just too much for me. In her own opinion piece this morning, she goes on at length about how others are to blame for the controversy regarding her statement. She takes no responsibility for it at all. It's "some" nameless others - the media? the Obama campaign? black Americans? who does she mean by this vague "some" reference - who are distorting reality. Not her, not Hillary Clinton.

One thing has become clearly obvious to the entire nation in the last few weeks. Hillary Clinton will lie to any person, any group, at any time and on any subject to win this election, because winning it is the only important thing to her. Not her party, not her country. We don't need another President that cannot take responsibility for his or her actions and twists the truth as casually as the rest of us breath. We already have a President that does that, has done that for eight years - I don't want or need another.

Vote Obama!


YankeeBoy said...

Hear here!!! I agree with you 1000 percent.

Nazz Nomad said...

Nicely said.
The RFK remarks are absolutely incredible.
In a nutshell "Hey, if someone shoots him I'm ready (nudge nudge wink wink)".
She is a disgrace. I am embarrassed for her.
At least this will put the final nail in the coffin... perhaps forever.

gomonkeygo said...

I'm hoping this puts an end to any idea of her as VP, now. She'll be lucky if she wins her Senate seat again, though her enormous base (now just 50+ white women!) might be able to vote her back in.

I realized this morning that she was writing in code yesterday in her op-ed piece (who writes an op-ed piece about themselves?!). The "some" who are distorting her words - that's just racist code to the white base she's been pandering to. "Some" = "Blacks." It fits perfectly with her and Bill's other coded language attacks/bids for racist support. And with Geraldine Ferraro's bizarro-world remark about black journalists ruining Hillary's chances! Christ.

Anyway, every morning I go to Daily Kos and look to see how many more superdelegates have climbed on for Obama. Three more this morning. Zero for Hillary. The silence is deafening!