Friday, May 2, 2008

Things Going Zap In My Head

Rather than go insane the other day, I started a new series of posts, on our Secret American History. I hope you'll enjoy them. I can't say that they will come on a regular basis, as I expect they will be triggered by my head-on collisions with political unreality more than desire to create.

That said, I have to talk politics a bit today. I'd like to point you here, for a nicely done examination of the "third" reason why Obama hasn't "closed the deal" yet. I hate that phrase, "close the deal," but I'm making myself type it to reduce it's sick hold on me. Maybe I won't punch the flat screen tonight when it is inevitably uttered.

I'm also trying to be less negative overall today. When I started the political postings, it was with a positive attitude, but the hyper-abrasive media bombage (new word?) of the last couple months has soured my heart more than a bit. I'm going to see if I can lighten up a bit, okay? Okay.

That's all. Nothing more. But there will be some music today. In just a few minutes. Have a nice weekend.

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