Saturday, May 17, 2008

Serious Reasons Not to Vote for McCain #1

Lame Duck President. From Day One.

McCain, if elected, will in all probability face a Congress completely controlled by the Democrats. Not a single legislative proposal from his desk will be passed, at least for two years. And those first two years are pretty crucial. It's usually the only time a first-term President does any real work. The last two are for term-two campaigning. Though, maybe, McCain may not think he's got a chance at a second term and decided to bulldoze his way along until the end. It'd be his only chance of getting any legislation passed, assuming a change in the Congressional makeup in 2010, which Pat Buchanan (!!!!) was wildly predicting on MSNBC this morning. But has that ever happened?

McCain is right now promising the stars to his rather weak base, spinning tales of the bright and happy future his mere election will result in for the nation (sounds kinda like the "Kool-Aid dreams" that Obama supporters are accused of indulging in, if you ask me). But those stars are falling as he speaks, I'm afraid. He knows it. If you watched his big, grand speech (meant, again, to echo Obama's style I think), there's not a lot of passion in his performance. Much like Clinton's after last Tuesday. The fire is out.

Addendum: This post was prompted by an exchange with a regular visitor to the 'Disease in the comments section yesterday. Mr. Nomad, a great blogger, got me thinking about how I should be approaching issues here. I have to thank him for the kick in the ass and I hope he'll leave a note or two. Hint, hint? Anyone else interested, please comment too. Let's talk - we're not enemies, we're Americans. We do that.

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