Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The RIGHT Way to Attack

Idiots (Chris Matthews) and morons (Chris Matthews) will tell you that Obama has to get negative and mean and play, oh hell, "hardball" against Clinton to have a chance of winning.

I disagree. I think he can "attack" the policies of Clinton and McCain simply and eloquently and without resorting to the old, divisive school of political tomfoolery that old, divisive political fools (Chris Matthews) think he has to in order to win.

This new ad proves it. Obama doesn't even mention Clinton or McCain by name, but the message is clear - those other guys are not going to help you, they don't care, they are pandering, they will do anything, say anything and lie to you to get your vote, etc, etc. And he gets that point across without acting like a jerk (Chris Matthews).

Vote Obama!

PS - I don't like Chris "Rev. Wright! Rev. Wright! I'm afraid of Rev. Wright!" Matthews. Just want to be clear on this issue.

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