Monday, April 21, 2008

Don't Worry About the Government (Our Founding Fathers, Fifth in a Series)

Talking Heads - Live at Max's Kansas City, NYC (10-9-76)

August, 1984. Driving on some unknown highway, in the middle of nowhere Connecticut, trying to find fabulous Willimantic to visit my favorite bookseller in the world (and good buddy), Mark Zeising, my best friend Dan in the car with me after we'd dropped our other friend Mark off at MIT for his freshman year - Dan of the motorcyle, Mark of Camper Van, you may recall - and the only good things about being lost were the gorgeous green and black patterns of sun and shadow we were driving through in this oddly forested Eastern state and the Talking Heads. My boombox was on the back seat and we were cranking the first album. Nothing like "Psycho Killer" to keep you focused! Whether you want to be or not.

On the eve of the Pennsylvania primary (hey, we drove through PA twice on that trip, getting lost in scary Pennsylvania "Deliverance"-country at one point thanks to major-smartman Mark's deficient map-reading skills), this post goes out to the two hottest political talking heads on TV - Chuck Todd and Rachel Maddow! If only you guys would marry, mate or somehow protoplasmically merge and give us a million little Chuckdows or Madtodds to make the world a better place. Yet, somehow, I'm thinking that ain't gonna happen. Anyway, there is nothing more refreshing than to hear the clear, intelligent voices of Todd and Maddow cut through the baloney and explain the reality of the unreal, of politics. Thank you both!

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